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Riedel Contracting Images
Riedel Contracting Images

Kemper Commercial Waterproofing System

Riedel Contracting is a FULL SERVICE company with over 25 years of experience serving Bergen & Morris County NJ, Westchester, Manhattan, Brooklyn and surrounding areas.

Riedel Contracting recommends Kemper System liquid applied waterproofing membranes for it's environmentally safe products that meet the highest quality standards within the roofing industry.

Kemper System developed and patented the first liquid-applied waterproofing membrane. For more than 50 years our products have proven optimum performance on millions of square feet.

Environmentally-safe products and processes
Kemper System is the only manufacturer offering a solvent-free, odorless resin system. A strictly controlled manufacturing process andthe utilization of renewable resources and recycled content showour commitment to sustainability.

Single-Source Warranties
Kemper System. offers four Premier NDL System assembly warranties to provide building owners with single-source warranty service and support..

Certified products
Kemper System's products are constantly monitored by independent institutions and meet the highest quality standards.

Premium Project Status
Choosing Kemper System puts you in a class among the most elite status of buildings. Several of theUnited States most notable buildings including the Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden and many more have choosen Kemper System products to protect their most valuable structures.
NYC Kitchen floor
Mercer street NYC Kitchen floor waterproofed using Kemperol 022 System . Kitchens Baths Showers can be made water tight this way.
Riedel Contracting Inc. Images
Pratt Institute NYC Student Center 2017

This project was ideal for Kemper liquids. Given the many steel penetrations liquids were ideal to water proof around the steel posts.

Riedel Contracting Inc. Images
Kemper V210 liquid flashing -Cliff House Condominimus, Cliffside Park N.J.
Leaking balcony roof was waterproofed at the tile metal wall framing interface with Kemper V210 liquid flashing. Repair should last 20 years . Ceramic tiles were clear coated with Kemper clear masonry sealer to complete the job. Our men diagnosed the problem and completed the repair quickly.
Kemper Waterproofing for Bluestone Paver & Green Roofing Project
Riedel Contracting Inc. Images
Riedel Contracting Inc. Images
Riedel Contracting Inc. Images
Riedel Contracting Inc. Images
Riedel Contracting Inc. Images
Riedel Contracting Inc. Images
Riedel Contracting Inc. Images
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