Roofing Mistakes
Improperly flashed roofing caused major damage to this customers Penthouse in NYC.

We are cutting out the stucco, then flashing the walls with new metal flashing and Kemper System waterproofing
Brookly NY flat roof over a balcony was done new two years ago by a builder. The entire roof leaked and water is under the insulation. We are removing all three roofs on this town house and replacing them. Total cost about $70,000!

Don't buy roofing services based on price alone. Buy them on quality and warranty!
Customer installed fine mesh screens at their drains and the resulting debris clogs caused the roof to fill with water up to six inches deep! Riedel removed the screens and recommends larger size screen boxes to be built and installed

Customer's entire plywood roofing deck needed to be removed and replaced when the contractor installing the insulation attached it directly to the rafters without a ventilation space between the insulation and the plywood. Condensation took its toll.

Make sure contractors are properly educated and trained before hiring them and save a lot of problems in the future!
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